Here at Red Brand, we want to make sure you have everything you need for a successful fence project. Depending on the size of your project, a new fence can be one of the most costly investments you’ll make, so installing a fence with quality materials and proper techniques will ensure it has a good foundation. Shop our selection of wire fencing crimping, tension, stretching tools and more below:

  • Crimp Sleeve 1-2# - 25 count Crimp Sleeve 1-2# - 25 count
  • Crimp Sleeve 2-3#  - 25 count Crimp Sleeve 2-3#  - 25 count
  • Crimp Sleeve 2-3# - 100 count Crimp Sleeve 2-3# - 100 count
  • Crimp Sleeve 2-3# Long - 100 count Crimp Sleeve 2-3# Long - 100 count
  • Crimp Sleeve 3-4#  - 25 count Crimp Sleeve 3-4#  - 25 count
  • Crimp Sleeve 3-4#  - 50 count Crimp Sleeve 3-4#  - 50 count
  • Crimp Sleeve 4-5#  - 25 count Crimp Sleeve 4-5#  - 25 count
  • Fence Pliers Holder Fence Pliers Holder
  • Fence Wire Cutter Fence Wire Cutter
  • Fence Wrapping Tool Fence Wrapping Tool
  • Strainer Crank Handle Strainer Crank Handle
  • Ultimate Fencing Tool Holder Ultimate Fencing Tool Holder

Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Fencing

Installing a fence for your property can be a costly investment, so you’ll want to make sure that you are creating a safe and sturdy structure that will last for many years. In order to extend the longevity of your fence, installing it with quality materials and techniques can make all the difference.

Installing a fence all starts with a solid foundation, in this case, a solid post and brace. Your entire fence is counting on the integrity of the foundation to keep is strong, durable and safe for your pets, property, and livestock. In addition to posts and braces, you’ll need t-posts, staples, and tools to do the job right.

Choosing the Right Tools for Your Fence Project

Having the proper tools makes any fence installation process move quicker and smoother, but the quality of those tools can make all the difference when looking at the long-term reliability of your fence. Red Brand’s tools are made from quality materials are made to hold up for many uses. The last thing you want while working on your fence is a broken tool, so look for strong and durable tools to get the job done. Keep in mind too, as with anything, you get what you pay for. Be sure to purchase tools that are going to be dependable. Making an investment in our tools and taking care of each piece can set you up for long-term installation and maintenance on your fence.

As mentioned earlier, solid posts create the entire foundation for your product. The posts should always be made of the highest quality steel to ensure they perform needed and keep your property safe. When selecting posts, you’ll want to be sure you purchase the proper weight based on the application. Posts for a garden can be a lot lighter than if you're building an enclosure for cattle. Your posts should also be resistant to rust and have sharp blades for easy installation.

Lastly, don’t overlook the smaller pieces like staples and wire clips. These elements play an important role in keeping your fence together. These pieces should be coated and have barbs that easily grip the posts and prevent them from working loose.

Count on Red Brand’s Tools for Your Project

Red Brand offers a large collection of fence tools of the highest quality. Our tools are designed to last longer and handle tough jobs. Our professional tool selection contains everything you need for your next fence project. Shop our selection or contact us with any questions!