Sheep & Goat Wire Fence

Sheep and goats can be mischievous and resourceful animals, so keeping them safe and secure in an enclosure is necessary for their safety. Red Brand offers woven mesh sheep and goat wire fencing with a Square Deal Knot that is designed to hold tight to both the horizontal and vertical wires. These wires won’t slip or move, preventing openings in the fence from forming. These fences are built to last and resist buckling or sagging, so your goats and sheep will always be safe. Find the right fencing for your sheep and goat enclosure below:

  • Square Deal® Sheep & Goat Fence 100' L x 48" H Class 1 Square Deal® Sheep & Goat Fence 100' L x 48" H Class 1
  • Square Deal® Sheep & Goat Fence 330' L x 48" H Class 1 Square Deal® Sheep & Goat Fence 330' L x 48" H Class 1

Choosing The Perfect Sheep or Goat Fence

When considering what type of fence to buy to keep your sheep or goat safe, keep in mind that sheep have thick coats that you don’t want to get caught on anything. On the other hand, goats can seriously injure themselves if caught on something like a barbed wire fence. In order to keep both animals safe, you’ll want to find a sturdy, reliable fence from Red Brand. Red Brand’s sheep and goat fencing is the perfect solution with its strong, flexible and resilient materials.

When looking at your fencing options, you’ll also need a tight mesh spacing to prevent horns, heads or young sheep and goats from slipping through the enclosure. In order to keep your sheep and goats contained and unwanted animals out, you’ll want to have a height of at least 48 inches. Red Brand’s fencing fits these standards and is made with a 12-½ gauge wire that can’t be chewed or broken. In addition, our woven mesh design is secured with our Square Deal® Knot. With this type of knot, the wires won’t slip or move so our fence will remain upright at all time.

Long-Lasting, Reliable Sheep & Goat Fencing

Sheep and goats are very different but do have similar instincts. They prefer to stay close to one another for protection but will flee if they sense danger. In order to keep all of your animal’s safe, having a secure and long-lasting fence product makes all the difference. Red Brand’s fencing is flexible and responds to pressure by springing back into place. Shop our collection of sheep and goat fence and have peace of mind that your sheep and goats are safe and secure.