Field Fence

Red Brand offers durable, reliable woven wire field fencing to keep your large livestock safe and secure. As the agriculture industry’s leading fence provider, we offer several types of field fences that hold up to the usual pressure from large herds. With numerous knot styles, wire gauge, spacing, height and roll length options available, you’re sure to find the best wire fencing to fit your needs. Shop our selection of long-lasting, field fencing for sale below:


Selecting the Best Field Fence for Your Needs

Field fencing is not a one-size-fits-all product. Which is why Red Brand offers over 45 different kinds of field fence. Some of the considerations that go into selecting an appropriate field fence include the knot style, the galvanization, the height, the length, and the pullout spacing.

  • Knots: Knots are largely regarded as superior to welded fences for a variety of reasons. We offer three categories of knot for field fencing depending on the function of the field fence. The galvanization options need to suit the intended purpose as well as the customer budget.
  • Pullout Spacing: The pullout spacing refers to the number of inches between the vertical stays. The closer the pullout spacing is, the more rigid the fence will be. When the pullout is closer, it can also serve to prevent smaller animals.
  • Height: The height is the next point of consideration. You will need to select an appropriate field fence depending on what type of animal or group of animals you are dealing with. It may need to be large and strong enough to stop cattle but also small enough to prevent smaller animals such as rabbits, or sheep.
  • Length: The majority of Red Brand field fence products are available in 330-foot rolls, a standardized length in the industry. 4 rolls of this fence will cover .25 miles.

Choose Long Lasting Field Fence from Red Brand

Red Brand has been making high-quality, wire fences for over a hundred years. A Red Brand fence is expected to last for 20-25 years once installed. Agricultural farmers, retail outlets and professional fence installers all agree that Red Brand is the best for quality fence products.

If you are interested in an enclosure to contain your livestock or keep out unwanted guests, then feel free to contract Red Brand. Additionally, the Red Brand website has many tips and videos on field fence installation and maintenance.