Poultry Netting & Chicken Wire

When it comes to poultry netting, Red Brand offers different spacing options that will suit a variety of needs. Poultry netting is often used for keeping a small flock of chickens safe in a set area, daytime runs or on top of cages to avoid flying predators. Its thin, flexible mesh also makes it ideal for wrapping around posts and for building cages. Made with the highest quality, heavy gauge material you can find, these fences are built for safety and to last. Shop Red Brand’s selection of poultry and hexagonal netting below:

  • Keyline Poultry Netting 150-ft. #436-2-20 Keyline Poultry Netting 150-ft. #436-2-20
  • Keyline Poultry Netting 150-ft. #548-1-20 Keyline Poultry Netting 150-ft. #548-1-20
  • Keystone LG Rabbit Netting 25-ft. #1428-2-20 Keystone LG Rabbit Netting 25-ft. #1428-2-20

Chicken Wire Selection

Poultry netting is ideal for keeping a flock of chickens enclosed in a set area. Its flexible and thin mesh makes it perfect for building cages or wrapping around posts. Red Brand offers various spacing options to keep your animals safe, but typically the smallest opening is the best choice for chickens.

When choosing your poultry netting, you’ll want to make sure it is made with heavy gauge material to assure a long-lasting solution. A galvanized wire can definitely impact the mesh’s longevity. Wire can rust quickly and compromise the wire when exposed to the elements so having a zinc coating is best.

Also keep in mind that poultry netting is not the last line of defense when it comes to predators. You’ll want to use chicken wire over the top of cages to avoid flying predators or for separating young chicks from the adults. You can also bury it underground to prevent animals from burrowing underneath.

Protect Chickens, Gardens, Pets & More

Poultry netting was has been around since 1844 and is still used in countless applications. You’ll see the wire used to protect chicken, gardens, small crops, sculptures, float foundations, baskets and for reinforcing glass and concrete. Red Brand carries one of the most reliable and long-lasting poultry netting products. Shop our collection of poultry netting today.